Fresh dough: White Cube camouflage

Exhibition spaces, project spaces and studio buildings often had a different function before being used by contemporary artists as in the case of the artspace Quartair in Den Haag. Approximately 60 years ago, Quartair was a bread factory which is evident on the exterior of the building, for example the architectural feature of a tall chimney. Inside of the building, the overall white paint and the tube lights create a very clinical environment similar to the typical white cube. This visually conceals and obliterates the history of the bread factory.

In 2018, I collaborated together with three fellow artists based in the Hague in order to create an exhibition of site specific work in the Quartair building. I decided that my installation would refer to the fact that bread was produced in this space. The space irritated me as not only the past was not visible but also all present functional appliances and installations (heaters, cabling system etc) were hidden. I added yet another invisible item to the space. Situated on the ceiling of Quartair are horizontal are gutters that cross the entire area. I placed one hundred white cook hats on the gutters. For the viewer it became a challenge to find my work since it was camouflaged against the while walls in the white cube space.