Funky Ifestos is a social project aimed to make metal casting more accessible for me and the local art community. In 2020 I was interested in experimenting with this technique though when I reached out to foundries it turned to be limited, pricy and not open for experiments. When searching on youtube I found a very large diy community of people who made their own furnaces and uploaded tutorials and demonstrations. After studying many videos I made my own furnace and started creating my own vlogs (how to cast, make your own sand, process journals) appropriating the video aesthetics from the channels I followed  in order to connect with this community and people interested to learn these techniques. Furthermore, I visited some of these vloggers in order to collectively try out my furnace. I was very fortunate to have this project funded by Stroom Den Haag, in this way for the course of a year I had the resources to invite artists (Lois Richard, Tom Putman and more) interested in metal casting and experiment with them, helping them develop further their artistic practice. At the end of this project I visited professional foundries (Make Eindhoven, EKA Estonia) in order to see their working methodology.