My animal farm -De Stenen Kamer boerderij

This site specific work was conceived for the exhibition de Stenen Kamer in Madestein. The location of the exhibition was an ancient site of the first settlement of the Hague during the 13th century. Farmers lived in this house. I wanted to pay tribute to the former inhabitants of this building. At the time of the settlement farming was very different to the way it is practiced today. Issues of present farming methods include large factories, mass production and animal brutality as opposed to a smaller scale farming system in which the existence of the animals entailed a certain sense of value.

I created six tin sculptures resembling the main animals used in farming: pig, cow, chicken, rooster, goat and sheep. I used cheap mass produced plastic toy animals to create the molds which in turn were used to create their metal facsimiles. In order to bestow and accentuate the sense of value and uniqueness I used gold-coloured glue to touch up the imperfections of the tin animals.

I constructed a table as a pedestal for these animals because it felt evident. The farm animals sustained the people of the past settlement providing food on a daily basis.