spiros chairs

As part of my newest research on how exactly renewable energy sources possibly destroy the environment and function as a threat to people by displacing them, I carried out field research in the Agrafa mountains of Greece. In the region of Karpenisi, one can find still families who for generations remotely live in the mountains. I in particular visited the shepherd Spiros who lives at 2000m altitude in the region of Velouchi. Living and working with him for 2 weeks offered me the opportunity to get to know his perspective on how man and nature could interact. He told myths and tales which originated from the mountains we hiked and he also showed me several planned locations on which the government aims at installing wind turbines that would in the long term destruct the local ecosystem. With the work “Spiros’s Chairs” I want to honour Spiros and his lifestyle who regards himself as a nomadic patron of the mountain range. As Spiros also works with metal to create his own tools, he taught me his skills which I used to create the chairs. For Spiros who works 14 hour days relaxation on his armchair is a must, therefore I decided in creating these objects.