Under the thyme

In Greek, there is a saying where when someone is “under the thyme” it means that this person is dead. In Greece, it is very frequent to place thyme plants on top of graves. Unfortunately, over the last years my grandfather, his brother and their three close friends made their way under the thyme.  My family kept some clothes of these men. It struck me by observing these clothes that the body type and posture of those men was still visible.thyme 3As a tribute to those five friends I made metal constructions for their clothes to hang from. On the top of each metal construction there was a small thyme plant. The clothes hanged under the plant. I placed them high on the wall so that the audience could not reach the clothes which gave a more metaphysical touch to the work. The plants were out of reach as well so they died during the course of the exhibition.thyme 2Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 18.05.46thyme 1